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Running a business is a complicated and rewarding endeavor. Between marketing, product development, customer service, and the millions of other tasks on your radar, staying on top of human resource changes and updates can be a daunting task. This is why partnering with a business process outsourcing company can make your life easy, and increase profits.

Here at Arch Resource group we cater to small and mid-size businesses looking to tightening the HR department or getting extra help with projects. With our focus on providing excellent service with a friendly face you can trust that our HR experts are the perfect solution for your business outsourcing needs.

PEO Services

With our custom PEO service we take care of all of your HR needs for you. Our PEO service allows you to outsource your human resources department. We manage payroll, benefit negotiations, compliance and regulations, and workers compensation administration.

There are a number of advantages when choosing to partner with us for your PEO needs. Using our negotiations skills we can lower the cost of benefits for your employees. They get great extras and you get to retain your staff for longer. You can also reduce your liability as our staff is well trained on compliance and regulation updates.

Find out why having a PEO service on your team can help you beat your competition.

HRO Services

While a PEO service is great for some businesses, other companies want more control over their human resource team by keeping it in-house. This is where an HRO is the perfect solution. An HRO allows our team to partner with your HR team. Working together we are able to fill in any holes in your department and cover projects that free up your staff for more important tasks.

One of the biggest advantages for using an ASO or HRO service is that your staff are able to easily access your HR team. Questions, concerns, and complaints are common challenges that human resource teams meet each day. An ASO allows your HR team to maintain control and solve these problems while our team can manage paperwork like I9 documentation, employment and wage verification and compliance, and EEO claims.

Find out how an HRO is the best solution for your HR needs.


Your employees expect to be paid as promised. They also expect that the proper deductions are being made and PTO and sick leave are calculated correctly. Our payroll service is a one-stop shop, designed to provide everything you need to get your employees paid on time and record tracking to please any accountant.

Let our team manage your payroll for you. We pride ourselves and providing the best service to all of our clients. We understand the responsibility that comes with managing payroll for a company. It’s due to our deep respect for regulation and accuracy that we invest so much energy in providing the best payroll service.

Discover how our payroll services will make your company shine.

Recruiting and Outplacement Services

When your company is planning to downsize, outplacement and recruiting is a great way to ready your staff for the upcoming change. Through the use of one of our five outplacement packages we are able to help transition your employees seamlessly. Using a series of one-on-one coaching, seminars, and web-based tools we are able to connect your staff from across the globe.

Our outplacement service prepares your staff by providing; a minimum of three months of support, access to an online career portal, cover letter and professional resume, and online interactive interview tool. We believe these tools will pave the way for your employees to have a bright future.

Uncover how you can protect your company’s image and prepare your employees for change.

Time and Attendance

Managing labor costs and track time and attendance is a critical element to your companies business. Using our cloud based service your employees can easily record their hours without downloading or installing any software.  Your HR team can then access and process the records as needed.

Our streamlined service lets you meet regulations while allowing your employees easy access to notifications, request leave, and track their PTO and sick leave. Automated features can also be used to save time with time card approvals and online schedules. Our advance time and attendance tracking tool was design to simplify the processes of tracking your employees. Find out how our advanced time and attendance technology will boost your business.

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