Track Time and Attendance Everywhere All of The Time

Our cloud-based time and attendance solutions allow you to quickly and easily manage your most important (and expensive) asset – your employees in a cost effective manner. Track your staff anytime and anywhere you are.

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TimeWorkPlus: A Robust Time Tracking and Attendance Program

Using our innovative time tracking and attendance system, TimeWorkPlus, we are able to help you streamline your employee tracking. Our system offers a number of benefits from the ability to manage portal features, employee self-service, mobile service, web clock, and integration with payroll, and scheduling offerings. TimeWorkPlus takes all of the stress and worry right out of time tracking and attendance.

Our payroll services works by partnering with your company and acts as co-employment. While you manage the day-to-day work load and company policies, we manage the payroll side of the company. This payroll solution saves you money and time, freeing you to manage other aspects of your business.

No Software to Install

Our integrated online service lets you and your team access the system from anywhere at anytime.

Employee Portal

Let your team easily review their timecards, notifications, and submit request for PTO and vacation time.

Regulatory Compliant

Our system meets all Affordable Health Care Act (AHC) and Payroll-Based Journals (PBJ) compliance and regulations.


 Working with our team provides you the security and time to help grow and expand your business.

Time and Attendance Services Features

TimeWorkPlus is a powerful time and attendance tracking tool that will simplify how you run your business. With our innovative features we are able to make your tracking concerns disappear.

  • No software to install
  • Web or App access
  • GPS Tracking
  • Employee Self Portal
  • Bulletin Board
  • Notifications
  • ACA and PBJ Compliance
  • Sick, Vacation and PTO Tracking
  • Automate employee leave requests
  • Automate employee time card approvals
  • Online Schedules
  • Levels of approval
  • Remote access 7/24

Gain Control of
Your Time and Attendance Tracking

Your employees are one of your most valuable assets. It is critical to the success of your company that you are able to track, measure, and modify labor costs. Surveys of business owners have found that less than 20% use a time and attendance tracking system. While an anonymous study performed by Kessler International found that 80% of employees partake in time theft. These two extremes create the perfect storm for businesses losing a lot of money. 

Uncovering and preventing nefarious employee behavior is critical to your success. Using TimeWorkPlus you gain more control over how easily your employees are able to perform time theft. Our platform can deter employees from participating in “buddy punching” which can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars. An automated system can also decrease human error. Preventing and deterring these issues can help you tighten your overhead costs and grow your business.

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