Rising Mexican Tech Talent: An opportunity in IT Nearshore


According to the most recent Human Capital survey conducted by ARCH LATAM, Mexican companies are actively seeking IT talent

According to the most recent Human Capital survey conducted by ArRCHA LATAM, Mexican companies are actively seeking IT talent, constituting 44% of their overall recruitment efforts.

The most in-demand positions include Software Developers, Data Engineers, Solution Architects, Cybersecurity Analysts, and AI Specialists, among others.

While it is not a phenomenon unique to the region, as similar trends are observed in other Latin American countries, what is noteworthy is the opportunity for Mexico to evolve into a technology talent cluster with global access.

Discussions about the advantages Mexico presents for IT Nearshore have been ongoing for some time. However, what precisely does IT Nearshore entail?

IT Nearshore involves outsourcing Information Technology (IT) services to countries that are geographically close rather than opting for more distant locations. This approach allows for greater cultural proximity and improved communications among teams. It is commonly adopted by companies aiming to cut costs and leverage the benefits of having a development or technical support team in a nearby location.

Mexico presents several advantages as a destination for IT Nearshore. Some of the appealing aspects include its geographical proximity to the United States, a highly skilled technology workforce, competitive costs compared to other close locations, a business culture similar to that of the United States, a wide range of IT services, and a solid communication infrastructure.


Oscar Silvero

Head of Public Relations at ARCH Resources Group